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CRM applications are large in numbers and are complex to use, the prime factor of the JB CRM focuses on ease of use and simplicity.

The product is equipped with modules, which helps its users to manage the essentials of a CRM application. The prime need of any business is to track and collect leads, and then to process them and convert them. This CRM just enables you to do this flawlessly.

ERP Development

Functionalities offered

The core of the application is simplified to enable organizations to create users with privileges who can add leads and follow them up.

The feature of the application is oriented towards customisation, so you can create different follow up labels and continue your activity according to your will and wish.

Most of all it is very simple and easy to use, with that you can use it in multiple locations, and you won't need any training to use it either.

Suitable for any Business

Our CRM is a one size fits all package. We didn't complicate the package just for your convenience, it doesn't matter who you are, with Indveo ERP CRM you can always perform professional lead management and marketing follow up without the need to buy expensive and complicated software full of features you won't need.

Indveo ERP CRM is a cloud-based solution, you can access it anywhere across the world.

Additional Benefits

Apart from being simple and easy to use, JBERP CRM has added features like:

  • Multiple user access - dedicated follow ups
  • SMS followup
  • Email followup
  • Effective reports
  • Data import/export options

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