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Feedback system is a simple and effective solution to improve the quality of service of your team or organization. In a fast paced economy where the every process and product is backed by a service, there is an off-chance we never value the most vital aspect of our business, our customer’s view. FTS solves this for you, this system creates a window for every service or support you offer to your clients or customers. Knowing their feedback you have the ability to raise your business to many heights.

What is Feedback Tracking

Feedback tracking is a vital process of knowing how your customers feel about the service or support you have offered. With effective communication with the clients you build a rapport with the client or customer, providing them with the confirmation that their concerns are heard. Knowing this information helps build a stronger organization or service model.

Why do you need Feedback Tracking

Most businesses in our time, doesn’t have effective tools or processes to reach out to their customers, Feedback tracking is a time taking process although it is essential to every business. Our FTS offers a simple tool to clearly create a feedback page customized for the task or particular client, it is so simple, you won’t need any training to work on it. You have the options to customize your questions and track the feedback offered by your customers. This information from your customer is much valued, be it positive or negative, the information obtained, when directed in the right channel can improve your service, process, product or business at every level.

Who can use it

Anyone with a service, support or product oriented business would need feedback tracking to monitor and improve their operations. The application is so simple and agile, using it will never be a tedious task. tracking your customer feedback based on their time of input and changing your questions based on your processes is done in minutes, thus helping you improve your business effectively.

Your ROI

The simple FTS helps creating customer rapport and efficiently enables tracking the feedback of your performed tasks, input handling in the system is so simple and easy, thus enabling you to see points of improvement. FTS is one of the simple tools available, which can create a great influence in your business.

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