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Every organisation both big and small has its need to track its payments, it is a complicating task to maintain the list of receivables, along with the followup due dates and deadlines. Payment Follow-up System (PFS) solves this problem for you. It is a simple application which helps you keep track of the payments which you need to follow-up. Equipped with functional features, this system is sure to empower you with the ability to focus on vital tasks while the PFS guides you in keeping a follow up of your receivables.

Track your receivables like never before

Our products are designed to meet simplicity and are equipped with functionality, the features of PFS include email and SMS follow-ups, which can be done both manually and/or automated, with multiple user access and a simple interface, tracking the payments which you are to receive are just few clicks away.

Who needs this

Any growing business who needs to track down their receivables from their customers can you use PFS, it is simple and easy to use. We believe it is the optimum replacement for the conventional pen and paper tracking of your payments.

Features and Benefits

  • Cloud application - ensures you can track your payments anywhere and on the go
  • SMS and Email follow ups for payments.
  • User activity tracking - Know who followed up when.
  • Simple and easy to use - No training, No installation and No fuss.

What’s your ROI

With the confidence that you are not missing any follow up on your payments it is always a boon for any business to step forward. This is a complimentary tool to any accounting software you use, a fusion of accounting and marketing application, which is aimed to improve your profitability. The benefits you receive are many fold and it starts with you following up your receivables on time.

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